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November 3rd 2020

Time 08:30 - 12:15

Live digital event


Free admission

November 3rd 2020, 08:30 - 12:15

Live digital event

Free admission

About Strategic IT Security 2020 Conference

Strategic IT Security 2020 – Nordic Digital conference

Cyber security and cyber-defense are topics that everybody knows something about, but not everyone are experts. It is even more important to secure your data and your company now than ever before. The threats are out there waiting for its time to shine – but don’t worry – there are several possibilities to avoid getting attacked and in worst case scenario loose money, data and confidential knowledge. By attending this Strategic IT Security conference, you get the opportunity to listen to and learn from leading experts due to cyber security. No one wants to gamble with cyber security and confidential knowledge, and it is therefore essential for the IT department to gain the right tools and knowledge about how you can defend yourself from getting attacked by criminals. There are a lot of questions to ask about what, how, where etc. when you want to start protecting your data, and this conference will be giving you the answer to your questions. Furthermore, this conference will be your opportunity to obtain all the inputs from experts that can help both you and your customer’s data.

This Strategic IT Security 2020 is an interactive digital conference

As a participant at the digital conference Strategic cyber-defense 2020, you can live stream presentations from experts and leading suppliers, ask questions and participate in the digital breakout session - all moderated by Computerworld's skilled editor Lars Jacobsen.

Strategic IT Security 2020 is being hosted by Computerworld Denmark together with the film and video production company Make Sense Film, who are experts in professional digital conference.

Strategic IT Security 2020 will focus on the never-ending story about security and cyber-defense, and how you can defend your business and your customer’s data and information. Together with several leading experts and digital executives from all over the Nordic countries, this conference seeks to give you the best input to focus even more on cyber security in the future.

The strategies and experiences of how you can avoid the consequences of crashes and hacker attacks

Connect, network and knowledge-sharing with the leading experts and companies that might help you find your security solution

Is it worth the time and the money to invest in cyber security? The easiest answer is YES

Insights into how other companies defend themselves from getting attacked

Meet the speakers Strategic IT Security 2020

Tim Hoefsloot

Regional Director Benelux & Nordics


Marley Hasselbach

Sales Team Leader


David Shepherd

Vice President, Sales Engineering


Magnus Carling


Stena AB



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Lars Jacobsen, chefredaktør, Computerworld


Keynote speaker and Q&A

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PAM For the Cloud and In the Cloud

Tim Hoefsloot, Regional Director Benelux & Nordics, Thycotic

Privileged Access Cloud Security: Insider Tips and Best Practices

As the adoption of cloud applications and services accelerates, organizations across the globe must understand and manage the challenges posed by privileged access from remote employees, third parties, and contractors. With 77% of cloud breaches due to compromised credentials, making sure your users get easy and secure access to the cloud should be a top priority.

Join Thycotic as they explain a practical approach to help you define and implement privileged access cloud security best practices.

What will I learn?

  • Key privileged access security challenges facing your cloud users
  • Best practices for securing cloud privileged access
  • Proven approach to implementing secure privileged access for remote workers and third parties

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Marley Hasselbach, Sales Team Leader, Darktrace


Keynote interview

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Continuous Vulnerability Management: Achieving a 14 Day SLA on Vulnerability Remediation

David Shepherd, Vice President, Sales Engineering, Ivanti

  • When threat actors exploit weaknesses in an organization’s IT infrastructure, the consequences can be devastating to productivity, reputation, and financially.
  • Without treating cybersecurity as an ongoing process, hackers can find, weaponize, deploy, and attack your infrastructure faster than your team can patch the vulnerability leaving your infrastructure unprotected. Your systems may be secure today, but next week, a cybersecurity criminal may discover and exploit a critical vulnerability in your environment.
  • Gain some quick tips on how to execute continuous vulnerability management effectively so you can protect your organization before a threat actor hits.

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Case: Stena AB

Magnus Carling, CISO, Stena AB

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Partner speech and Q&A


Ending the day

Meet our partners at Strategic IT Security 2020


Meet our partners at Strategic IT Security 2020


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You can live stream all sessions, ask questions and participate in the digital breakout session – all moderated by Computerworlds chief editor.

Get Insights into experts’ outlook on the cloud future

Get insight into the strategic cloud choices leading Nordic CIOs have made

Get Insight into how leading suppliers and analysts view the market and existing products


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